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The History of Ackley Guitars


Scott Ackley learned the art of woodworking from his father and inherited a love of music from his grandfather.  Growing up in Portland, Oregon he spent many happy days in his father's workshop as well as countless hours pursuing his interest of playing guitar, piano and harmonica. In 1979 these two passions coalesced when Scott finished building his first acoustic guitar.  His creativity and enthusiasm soon led him to design and build electric guitars as well. 

For many years Scott built guitars for only family and friends.  However, his guitars generated so much interest he has been persuaded to offer his guitars to the public.

Ackley guitars are of the highest quality and incorporate the only finest materials.  The signature fretboard inlays and unique bridge design are standard, as well as many other features that are typically considered upgrades. Beyond the aesthetics, the feel and playability of Ackley guitars are unmatched, and the sound quality second to none. 
Every Ackley guitar offers outstanding beauty, functionality, and tonality.

Ackley Guitars * Portland, OR * USA * Phone: (503) 830-7032 * scott@ackleyguitars.com
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